About Me

I shot my first wedding in 2005. Many reportages later, I still learn something every time.

I was attending a course on Documentary Photography and Photojournalism when I shot my first wedding. It was for a friend and no one else was taking pictures. This “wedding invitation” proved to be a great opportunity to start grasping a large photo reportage.

As a photographer, I consider the work in Wedding Photography to be the most challenging. Both equipment and creativity are taken a step further in a wedding reportage. It’s such a long and intense chain of relevant events – there’s always something happening somewhere!

I take assignments in many other fields too.

In addition to Wedding Photojournalism, I’ve collaborated with Portuguese weekly Expresso, and with the Corporate Division of 4SEE Photographers agency. I also do freelance work for corporate clients.

With the advent of video-capable photo cameras, I started exploring with moving pictures. I’ve learned the tools and techniques of video capturing and editing, which widened the range of image services that I provide.

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